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Spinr caught up with Bare while in Pittsburgh for Dubnation 3 year anniversary show. Here is our Exclusive Spinr Interview with Dubstep Monster Bare.

Spinr:  Where did the name BARE come from?

BARE:  It represents the main beginning background of my music. When I first began making dubstep I wanted to make sure that what you see is what you get. So essentially its stripped down to the bare minimals. I also love the animals and my Bass work has been said to have sound grizzly as fuck. (lol I know you cant cuss).

Spinr:  Talk about your music past pre dubstep… what led you to produce dubstep?… and what do you think of how far it has come? becoming mainstream….

BARE:  Back when I was a kid I had always wanted to make music somehow. It started off with bands. I was in about 2 to 4 different bands as the guitarist. From there I got really into DNB and tried my hand at that genre for quite a few years, mainly more as a hobby than trying to make it. One noteworthy tune I did do was featured on AK1200’s weapons for the future mix which was so huge for me back then. Nothing came of that, then I found and fell in love with dubstep. Since I’ve started out in this genre it has been simply amazing. The people the fans the other artists the shows etc. It has come a long way these past two years and I for one and glad its not afraid of the mainstream. Is great to see shows grow to a unseen calibre and hear the genre on tv radio movies and all over the place. I believe the genre is strong and will be around for years to come.

Spinr:  Who are some of your influences?

BARE:  My main influences atm would easily be… My family, my gf, My fans. My love for music as a whole. My love for career and job. Many things influence me. Living life experiencing new things is def. one as well. I find a lot of influences from different types of music as well. I don’t think there is a genre I don’t listen to.

Spinr:  You have done work with Mark Instinct M.O.B can you talk about this…

BARE:  Me and Mark linked up very early into my career. He’s easily one of my closest friends as well as one of my favorite artists. We started out just showing each other different ways to make sounds and began working on music. So far we have had some good success with an EP already out and more to come. One thing I can say about Mark, probably the only artist I’ve learned how to do so much work with. And one of the few I’ve worked with in person and not over the web.

Spinr:  Your on the Subhuman label. Talk about Subhuman label…

and how your relationship started with Subhuman…

BARE:  I’ve been a fan of Dieselboys since the first show I ever went to. He happened to be headlining it back then as well. Subhuman is my main and only home when it comes to music. Its def. A family that I hold close to me, my Bass family! I caught their attention back when I first started doing dubstep. ‘Bring It Back’ was the song that caught D’s ear. Funny fact, it originally was called ‘Tipsy’ and sampled Kesha’s ‘Don’t Stop’. Also got support from Smash Gordon as well with a remix of I’m the Ish that ended up vip’ing for him. From then on I decided to make Subhuman my home and will continue to release with them for the rest of my career.

Spinr:  Can we expect big things from BARE and Subhuman in 2012?

BARE:  Def. Can! 2012 is going to be a big and busy year for myself and Subhuman. I got much music to release this year as well as much more to make. Solo touring looks to be strong already so early in the year, as I am currently answering these question on a flight to Paris to play a sold out show with Flux Pavillion. As far as Subhuman goes, you can expect a lengthy tour coming soon, as well as plenty new releases from existing artists as well as new artists. Remix’s and collabs as well. 2012 looks to be a great year!

Spinr:  What are you currently working on? ….. collabs?

BARE:  I just recently finished a new solo tune called ‘enemies’. I have a ton of ideas to get worked on when I get back from this show and other shows. As far as collabs go, I believe I’m doing another one with Figure, and another one with Liquid Stranger. This year I plan to get collabs going with Flinch, Downlink, Ajapai, more with Dieselboy as well as Smash Gordon and anyone else that catches my eye throughout the year.

Spinr:  Anything else you wish to add…

BARE:  I would like to thank my fans first of all. Since day one you have all had my back and the more I get the stronger we all get as a whole. Without my cubs I am definetly no one so I have to thank them first and always. Big ups to my family for the strong support since day one, my gf always, everyone down at Subhuman, my agent and the whole circle fam down at circle management. And I’d like to send out a big up to all beginning artists and people thinking about making music of they’re own. If you have a dream, chase it!!/BARESTEP

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