Spinr Interview – RUSKO – College Tour 2012

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Spinr Interview – RUSKO – College Tour 2012  

Spinr caught up with Rusko as part of Dub Nation and Steez Promo present Rusko College Tour 2012. Rusko played Club Zoo in Pittsburgh, Pa. February 8, 2012  in front of a packed house and did not fail to please fans. Rusko opened with heavy dubstep bangers and stayed true to his energy fueled live performance till the end of the show. Please see Spinr’s Exclusive Interview with Rusko as he discusses his sophomore LP “Songs” and the concept behind his single “Somebody To Love” .

Spinr:The Rusko College Tour just kicked off with 20 + stops through the month of February. Then followed up by the Rusko Spring Tour 2012. Are you hyped to be back out touring?

Rusko: Definitely, been a great tour so far!

Spinr:You are one of the most energy filled performers live. Will Pittsburgh get to see any of those superstar moves of yours?

Rusko: I always bring the same energy and performance to all my shows. Pittsburgh is sure to see that!

Spinr: You were one of UK most prominent dubstep producers, had a show on BBC Radio and moved to the US. Did you seek to take dubstep to the next level? Take us back to those days and why the move?

Rusko: Back then, I was hugely influenced by the music scene in Leeds. I moved to the US because I wanted to keep expanding and Los Angeles was the perfect place for that!!

Spinr: Spinr is sure you started out playing vinyl… Although you currently use CDJs or some digital format. Do you still have a love for vinyl?

Rusko: I do. I still love playing some deep reggae dub on vinyl for my personal enjoyment.

Spinr: With Dubstep becoming so mainstream… and you being from the UK. What do you think of fans that maybe are not aware of how or where dubstep originated?

Rusko: I think fans that are new to the music are great but of course, I would love them even more if they were fully immersed in the history!

Spinr: How would you describe to someone Dubstep in three words who has never heard it before?

Rusko: Heavy, deep basslines with a bpm usually around 70.

Spinr: You new single release “Somebody To Love” how did this single come about?

Rusko: I wanted to create a song that was a homage to the electronic sounds I grew up listening to, which you can hear in the piano I used. That sound was prominent in the UK rave scene years back.

Spinr: The video for “Somebody To Love” takes you on a journey of 2 older people finding each other through a crowded, light and confetti filled Rusko show. At one point in the video the older guy is seen wearing your well known “Wake The Fuck Up” shirt. Tell us about the making of this video…

Rusko: Jason Miller, who directed my two previous videos for “Everyday” and “Hold On,” came up with the treatment and my management thought it would be perfect to shoot that at my NYE show at Congress Theatre in Chicago. It was a crazy night and I think the video was able to capture the energy! The kids were a little confused about why the old couple was there haha.

Spinr: Your second LP “Songs” being released on your label Mad Decent March 27 tell us about this highly anticipated LP Release.

Rusko:  I took a different approach to this album. On my first album (O.M.G.!), I would work on tracks and play them out on the road, tweaking the tracks as I went along. For this album, I let ideas build up inside of me on tour and then I stayed in the studio for 8 weeks straight to get them all out!

Spinr: Where are you right now?

Rusko: I’m currently in Buffalo, about to play a sold out show on Valentines Day!

Spinr: Being a fan of Cypress Hill and their self titled first album probably ranks in my top 10 hip hop albums. Tell us about the upcoming EP fusing Cypress Hill and Rusko?

Rusko: It’ll be coming out in April!! I’m very excited about it. The first single, “Roll It, Light It” came out recently and it’s been getting great response. The EP will have something for everybody!

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